Who Am I?

One day, when I was about twenty, I was trying to get into a "members only" healthclub at a resort I was staying at, and as I walked up to the door, the attendant asked me for my members card. For some reason, I felt the urge to reply with "Do you know who I am?" He had two choices at that point: 1. Tuck tail and run, thinking he just offended someone "important" or 2. What he did: Say "No".

My response was – "Ok- then I guess it doesn't matter!" to which we both had a good laugh. I then went to go on my way, and he said, instead, "you know what, come on in!"

What is the point? I could list credentials here, try to convince you that you need to know something that I am trying to convey. (not that you do) I could espouse about why I have a greater revelation that you need to understand.(not that I do) The bottom line is that unless you are interested in reading it for the value inherent in the content itself, then "I guess it doesn't matter!" If you want to know more about me, read my posts. My character, my ideals, my theology & beliefs; they are all there, inherent in my writing, my responses, and my relationships.

I believe in honesty, transparency, and integrity.  I favor engaging in dialogue, believe in persuasive debate, and dislike both assumption and stereotyping.  I am a fan of those who try to live to the same ideals. 


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