Deviation from the Series – A Word on Websites

Tony Morgan had an exceptional entry this morning on Good for Nothing Websites on his Simply Strategic Blog. Read it yourself, but the bottom line question is what purpose does your church website serve, and how well is it serving? I agree that too many churches today throw up a site because everybody has one, but they fail to make it a value to those who they hope will use it. A website should be an asset, not a liability. If you, or your board are looking at it with disdain and contempt, your probably not ready to commit the time, resources, and energy to move it from the latter to the former, and you will do yourself a service by waiting until you get there.

That, and I love the Pontiac Montana analogy!


4 Responses to “Deviation from the Series – A Word on Websites”

  1. Mark Wilson Says:

    The Good for Nothing Websites link is broken. 😉

  2. Mark Wilson Says:

    I found the right link:

    Hmmm… let me see if I got his point:

    A) He’s saying that if someone charges him more, he will change companies and go where it’s free.
    B) He’s also saying that he doesn’t visit websites that are of no use to him.

    Then lastly he asks a seemingly unconnected question: does your church have a website. The implication would perhaps be that:

    A) Make your content available in RSS so he (and others) can view it on a Yahoo homepage – because they won’t be visiting your site
    B) Don’t charge more than another church near you, or he (and others) will change churches
    C) Make sure your website offers real value otherwise people won’t visit it

    It is not my intention to be critical. I think each of us finds our own way through life. But I for one try to avoid consumerism and performance-based thinking.

    I think we can safely love the people who do come to our church. If a church nearby has a cooler website or a better sound system and that’s attractive to you, then by all means go there. I’m attracted to God’s love and His presence and health, growth and the desire I have inside to love others – regardless of the website or the sound system.

    Does your church have a website? Does it matter?

    BTW – I really like Tony’s comment:
    “God is more concerned with how I love and help others than he is religious talk or rituals.” in

  3. Mark Wilson Says:

    Why so quiet Chad?

  4. garnethowe84239 Says:

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