Its a small world afterall

The last several days have seemed so hurried that I realized I've not posted anything since Wednesday of last week. So much happening and so little time to write about it.

One thing, however, stood out today that I think worthy of comment. I was speaking to a friend in California about a concept ministry project that we have been working on for several months, and expressing my concern about finding the right programming know-how, platform, and people to pull off this project. I was shocked when he referred me to a website, and more specifically to a pair of guys right here in my own "backyard" so to speak as a potential next step for conversation. Ironically, I had just recently stumbled across these same names on my own.

My point, however poorly focused, is this: There are more Christians around than we either know of or give credit for, and some of them are doing some amazingly cool things. What would it take to finally get us together on the same page, working truely toward the same goal, pulling in unison so to speak? It doesn't seem like it should be that insurmountable of a task… I guess I'm due to find out…


One Response to “Its a small world afterall”

  1. Mark Wilson Says:

    > Its a small world afterall

    Totally. I live in Australia and *we* have connected.

    > There are more Christians around than we either know
    > of or give credit for

    Did you know… 1 in 7 people on planet Earth is saved? Around the world 210,000 people come to Christ EACH DAY!

    In 1974 approximately 50% of the world’s population was beyond the reach of the Church (living in unreached peoples). Today, just 30% of the world’s population live in unreached peoples beyond the reach of the Church

    Onward and upward!

    How fantastic then that God has connected you to people right there that you can form a relationship with. 🙂

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